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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Final Cake Flavors

I'm sure the top issue on everyone's mind isn't

"I wonder what the dress will look like!"

"Is there going to be food? Is it GOOD food?"

"Do I really have to buy them a present... I mean, I don't know them that well..."


"Why the heck is it a cash bar? Who does a cash bar anymore? Open bar for everyone!"

REALLY the main question on your mind is -

"What are the cake flavors!!!"

Because of course, the cake at the engagement party was SO DELICIOUS!

Well, you will be happy to know that Travis and I had a consultation with our super-awesome cake lady over at Incredible Endings and have decided on several things, including cake flavors.

I can't tell you too much about how they are going to look because it involves some details in my dress, but the flavors are free to know!

So first off we have a repeat of the fantastic Raspberry Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Mousse filling! This was featured at the engagement party, but a special addition this time will be an actual layer of raspberries on the cake! I ate leftovers for a week, haha!

Next is a not-surprising choice of mine: Pumpkin. I'm a huge fan of anything with the word "Pumpkin" on it (specially desserts and Starbucks... which is also a dessert). Withheld between the layers of this cake is a Butterscotch Toffee filling. Warning to those who need it: THIS CAKE CONTAINS ALMONDS.

And is going to be fantastic!

Lastly, some guests will be presented with a more traditional White (Vanilla) flavored cake. The twist is the Caramel Liquor filling! Since it's a cash bar wedding, Travis and I wanted to give you all a little extra kick with this one!

So there you have it! A chocolate cake, spice cake, and vanilla cake - all with twists and turns! Everyone should have at least one that they enjoy!

At the reception, the cake will be served to you. The caterers will cut the cakes in the kitchen and bring them out, scattering the flavors amongst the guests.

If you are allergic to almonds or simply want a specific flavor, feel free to switch with anyone or ask for it specifically.

Feel free to try bites of the cakes surrounding you as well, so you get a little taste of all of them!

Also, if you ever have any cake needs - head over to Barb at Incredible Endings! She does amazing work, and her cakes rank among the best I've ever had! She uses an Italian Buttercream frosting which is to die for! She's a real incredible talent, and I'm glad we found her in our Cincinnati Wedding Guidebook!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cake Table

We picked up the cake table earlier this month. This is a HUGE thing for me, but if you don't know why, here is a refresher:

Back in the fall of 2009, Travis and I had been dating for maybe 9 months, we were talking about what would happen if we ever got married. This is the very moment when Travis introduced me to Steampunk and how it would be a cool theme for the wedding. He Googled it and showed me pictures, articles, etc... on the topic. I fell in love.

With Steampunk that is, I was already in love with Travis!

After this new-found love was formed, I sketched. I suddenly became my favorite fashion designer. I really haven't stopped "fashion designing" since, whether that be Steampunk outfits or something else.

In the midst of these dresses and tuxedos I was drawing up, I drew this:

This is the cake table design that I drew. It's crude and pretty terribly sketched, but it got the idea across.

I never thought it would really become a reality. I would toss the idea around in my head with all of the ways I could create it, the people I could talk to, where I would get materials, etc..., but I honestly had tossed it aside as an actual possibility.

Until I was proposed to, was getting married, and then told my mother about it.

In the beginning of the wedding process, we decided to meet with a potential wedding planner. While we decided not to use a wedding planner at all, she introduced us to a woodworker who was willing to make the table for a fraction of the price we thought it would be.

Thus, my dream had come true and the plan was in motion. Now, the table is finished and it's sitting in our garage. It has 5 platforms on it, 4 of them rotate in place and one is completely stationary. It also looks as if it is being run on a small steam engine. The wood frame is painted to look like an antique and is designed as a Queen Anne coffee table.

William (the table-maker) tested each platform's performance by placing 50lbs of weight on each and running it for 4 hours. The cakes are incredibly heavy.

Here is a little bit of a preview: *Drumroll please*

I probably shouldn't show you that, but since I love you so much - there it is!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bridal Showers pt.2

After a full weekend of Bridal Showers, my cheeks are hurting from laughing and smiling so much!

Saturday featured my girlfriends' shower while Sunday held the shower thrown by many of my mothers and mine shared lady friends.

The girlfriends' shower was hosted by my lovely friend, Myra, who is my Maid of Honor, at her apartment. All of my bridesmaids and many of my great friends were there, including Shane who happens to live in the apartment as well. Since he had nowhere to go and he's a pretty awesome guy, we let him stay, haha.

The presents were great! I can't wait to use, read, or wear everything!

The punch was awesome, the food was fantastic, and the company was most enjoyable :D We played a Project Runway game where the girls(and Shane) were divided into three groups with Myra, myself, and Sam being the judges. The groups then designed and created an outfit using toilet paper, magazine cut-outs and various accessories. It really was super fun ^_^ Then it was a guessing game to see who knew the most about me, but it was difficult to find good questions since I've been friends with most of them for nearly 5 years at least.

My teacup, which turned out to be an entire set!
At the shower on Sunday, it was another Tea Party. This one was different, however. Every lady who came brought a tea cup and saucer, which I was then given at the end of the shower. Pictures of these tea cups are spread across this post! Plus, the tea cup I was using turned out to be an entire set of 6 cups/saucers, a little sugar jar, a small pot for creamer, and a teapot! It was really funny - during the "teatime" we all made comments about how beautiful all of the tea cups were, but how the one I was using looked really Steampunk. I loved it! Plus, it's smaller, like more for expresso. Cute! So Carrie was very excited to know she picked a good set to give me, which was great!

Again, a ton of simply lovely presents! Between the tea, coffee, and wine accessories and items, Travis and I will certainly never go thirsty, haha!

We played a word-scramble game, which I was absolutely terrible at :). Then we had the "teatime". Debbie made some unique deviled eggs with avocado, then cherry tomatos stuffed with goat cheese, and cucumber sandwiches (yay!). Everything on that dish was green-colored, so obviously I made sure it sat in front of me ;-). The tea choices were Pumpkin Spice, [something] Chocolate, and another one that was a coffee-flavor (something something latte?) - I tried them all, but had two cups of the Pumpkin Spice ^_^.

Another dish involved almond-covered goat cheese balls, which I figured out tasted GREAT when eaten together with a strawberry! There were also ham salad and chicken salad finger sandwiches, which I thoroughly enjoyed as well :-D. Not to mention the AWESOME mini-finger-cake creations that Sky helped concoct! Oh gosh, I don't really like chocolate that much, but goodness there were ones that tasted like freshly homemade chilled hostess cake! And better! Then the red velvet, and the chocolate-covered strawberries... it was just all around a fantastic meal :D

After "teatime" we played another game - similar to Saturday's, it was "Who knows the most about Brittany". My favorite question was probably "What is Brittany's special talent?" and since no one really knew, I gave the hints "It doesn't involve and movement" and "A police officer might ask you to do this". Which, of course, ensued laughter and the awkward things that could possibly entail.

Obviously, it's that I can say the ABC's backwards, which they had me demonstrate.

Then it was present time, which of course I can't say enough thank you's to really cover how I feel. It's just a surreal experience to be surrounded by so many ladies I respect and for them to show their love and support for Travis and I. Every single one of them is a Godsend.

Lastly, there was a craft. My mother and my mother-in-law (mom^2) had taken several spoons from their relatives' china collections that were sterling silver and had the ends of the handles punctured to create holes. They also had a tin watering can with several holes around the top edges. We tied the spoons to the end of hemp string and then strung several brown, tan, blue, and orange beads until they were at a good length to be tied to the holes in the watering can.

So, the watering can hung upside-down now has 13 strands of beads with sterling silver spoons on the ends of them (there are the china spoons and also a few decorative spoons with lovely sayings on them) and a single heavy knife that was tied in the middle (hanging from what would be the "bottom" of the watering can).

If you haven't figured it out yet, it's a Wind-chime. And oh my goodness does it make a beautiful sound! I will post a picture and a video when I can!

So, needless to say, with one more shower to go in a couple of weeks, I'm completely overwhelmed with generosity, love, and kindness. God has always been a big part of Travis and mine's relationship, and I can see Him clearly in the people we are surrounded by.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, everyone!

(I will post pictures and anything else when I get them from other people ^_^)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bridal Showers

Last weekend I had my first Bridal Shower with relatives from my father's side of the family. It was lovely! It was High Tea themed, so everyone was wearing fancy hats and picked out what tea they wanted.

Have I mentioned how much I love cucumber sandwiches? Travis's Grandma actually turned me onto theme, haha.

The presents were amazing, and we are grateful for every single one! We've already used the toaster, spice rack, George Forman Grill, and look forward to using the picnic basket! With this weather, I might try to steal Travis away for a trip to the park!

Also, Travis's mom bought us a wonderful 6-seating dishwear set that we look forward to using when our kitchen table gets set up! As soon as that all gets done and things calm down after the wedding (barring that I have a job at that point), I'm going to be inviting people over like crazy so I can cook!

The watering can is sitting on our bookshelf in the living room and looks great with our current decor - hopefully I'll be able to actually use it for gardening someday! The coasters will be great once the cake table becomes our coffee table!

My mother bought us a pot used for soups (and other things, which I'm looking forward to exploring, haha) and martini glasses.

All of the Gift Cards will be put to good use as well!

I'm really sorry if I missed anything so far, we're really super grateful for everything and will be sending everyone a thank-you!

I have another Bridal Shower later today with my girlfriends (steampunk themed), and then another one tomorrow afternoon with a lot of friends of my mother's and mine. Then in a few weeks we are having a "couples" shower with both Travis and I.

I won't deny sneeking peeks at the registries to see what items have a number under the "bought" column, haha.

We're so blessed to have so many people around to support us! It's really moving, and it just reassures us that no matter what happens, we have each other and we have a ton of people around us to keep us going. God bless, everyone!