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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Honeymoon, Day 5

So where did I leave off? Tuesday? Day 3?

Yes. We ended up not renting bikes that day. Instead, we went to a local mall and then to wal-mart to pick up a few things, like food so we're not spending $20 a meal, haha.

Wednesday we rented bikes and hung out at the beach for awhile. However, it was extremely low tide so the shore line was rather dirty. We didn't get in the water, but flew a kite and enjoyed the beach for an hour.

We had lunch at a little cafe that had a really good roast beef panini, then rode our bikes around for awhile before retiring to our hotel room for the night.

Thursday we turned the bikes in and headed up to Savannah, GA for the day. As much as we have been telling people that we want to move there, neither of us have actually visited the place.

It. is. beautiful.

We were instantly amazed at the architecture and landscaping.

If you don't already know, Savannah is home to the Savannah College of Art and Design, one of the most prestigious private art colleges in the nation, and Travis and I both want to attend. So naturally, our first stop was their gift shop. After looking around, we asked the lady for advice on where to eat. She directed us to a great burger place about 4 blocks down the street. She was right, it was amazing!

After that, we noticed all of the trolleys running around town full of people, so we decided to join in! Though a tad expensive, we got two tickets for two trolley rides - one that involved a historic tour of the history of Savannah and another later that night that was a ghost tour.

I'm so glad we did the tours - it really sealed the deal for why we want to move down to that city! Beyond the beauty, the history would have me walking around for weeks! I just want to take pictures of the entire place! I mean, really, the two main districts are the "historical district" and the "victorian district". Not to mention the "colonial district" area. There just really isn't anything I don't like besides the lack of jobs in my field that are open. And the cost of living is a bit high.

We did a lot of shopping in between the tours, and a lot of talking about how soon we can move down there.

Today and tomorrow are mostly chill-out days. We did finally visit the lighthouse across the street from our hotel, which was beautiful! However, I've experienced really bad vertigo around heights (not including roller coasters) ever since I saw a girl fall to her death from about three stories high during a Christmas play. So I didn't stay up there that long.

We then had lunch at Southern Soul, which has been featured on a number of programs - including Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! And for a good reason! Their BBQ Pulled Pork was AMAZING!

Then Travis and I went to Moo Cow Ice Cream, which has unique flavored homemade ice cream. I got a Pumpkin ice cream sundae (hot fudge, caramel, nuts, whipped cream, etc...) and Travis got a Guinness ice cream milkshake! The literally take an extract of the Guinness Beer and add it to the cream! AWESOME!

We've spent the rest of the day at the hotel, watching TV and starting to pack a bit.

Tomorrow we're going to take a trolley tour around St. Simon's Island and then finish packing before heading back home on Saturday!

On a side note, I did lose my ID and it was recovered at the Cincinnati Airport. However, that means we are going to have to deal with some stuff going through TSA in the Jacksonville airport.

I miss home, and I'm especially looking forward to eating Chipotle when I get back. That is one of the only issues regarding us moving to Savannah - there isn't a Chipotle within 100 miles of the city :'-(

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Honeymoon, Day 3

Forgive me for not updating every single day, but I'm sure you can assume that I'm slightly distracted by how sexy my husband is :)

The Bed & Breakfast we stayed at the night of the wedding was beautiful! I hope I get to stay there again for a longer period of time! We didn't actually get to enjoy the group breakfast experience because of how early our flight was, so the lady and gentleman of the house made us a take-away breakfast (in a cute lunch bag!).

We almost forgot the marriage license, which we needed since my name appeared as "Brittany King" on the airplane tickets. Apparently our minister accidentally ran away with it, haha! But, some magic was worked and Travis and I got to see our parents one last time before heading off to St. Simon's Island!

At the airport, we got through without any problems at all. Travis spotted this adorable hat and I fluttered my eyes a bit... so it's mine now :-D

About an hour and a half later, we were in Jacksonville, FL. We got our rental car (which is the coolest green-gold ever!) and headed off to the island (stopping at Cracker Barrel for lunch first).

Once we got to our room, we were amazed by the fantastic view of the lighthouse and the ocean!

We settled in, discovering that our suite was awesome. Everything from the fridge and microwave, to the shower, to the surround-sound, to the complete media setup, was simply amazing! I only wish there were more electrical outlets. We're kinda technologically-driven people, so we need charging areas, haha.

After that we decided to check out the local terrain. I knew from my previous research that we were right next to a pier and very popular street - full of different kinds of shops and restaurants.

Since it was Sunday night around 6pm, we found that a lot of the stores were closed. We checked out a sweets shop, took a look at an expensive salon and said "no" (I'm looking into cutting and dying my hair), and then decided to eat at a place called "Iguana's". It's a seafood restaurant known for it's fantastic shrimp. Our waiter gave us the full story on why their shrimp tastes the way it does (something to do with where they feed and how it filters out all of the bad stuff, giving them a nice, sweet taste). Since it was the first night of our honeymoon, we splurged a bit. I got a shrimp meal that came with a crab cake, hushpuppies, coleslaw, and green beans. Travis got a different, cheaper shrimp meal and also a side of crab legs.

It. was. amazing. Honest-to-goodness, I may never eat at Red Lobster again.

Then the place had free ice cream. Yummy ^_^

By then we were too tired to do anything else, so we headed back.

That's when I discovered that my phone takes panoramic pictures.

And that is the end of day 1.

Day 2 we went shopping at a mall, which was dead, and mostly hung out in our room. We did go back and get cupcakes at the sweets shop we went to on Day 1. Their Pumpkin cupcakes were fantastic!

Today is Day 3, we plan on doing a bit more shopping and then renting bikes. We did visit the beach for a minute yesterday and the water was cold, but not freezing... just takes some getting used to... so we are planning on riding over there to try swimming a bit.

I'll let y'all know how that goes!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Day Before

I have no interesting pictures for you right now, but I do have a re-done video! It's basically the same as the engagement video, but with more pictures and some different songs. I needed to make it longer for the wedding.

I got a job Tuesday and will be starting as soon as I get back from the honeymoon, haha.

Today I had a trial-run of my makeup, a dress fitting, and the rehearsal dinner. There have been a few concerns regarding the dress(es), but I have absolute faith in Stephanie. Also, from what I've seen, it will be fantastic :)

I just hope I'm pretty enough for the dress, haha.

The rehearsal dinner was lovely, everything seems to be working out just fine. The few hiccups we've had have all been worked out. There are finishing touches that need to be done, but for the most part everything is going according to plan!

So this will be the last post I share with you before the wedding!

I should be able to post something during the honeymoon, and then I will certainly post pictures and video from the wedding as soon as I can when I get back! However, keep in mind that getting the pictures back might take awhile, and I will be starting up a new "big-girl" job, 8:00-5:00, M-F. I'm not used to that AT ALL! So the video might take awhile for me to edit.

However, I am SO GLAD I have friends in the Electronic Media & Broadcasting (EMB) major! Having them do the video is super cheap for me and gives them good experience :D Plus, that gives me the option to have full control over the end product. I LOVE it!

I would never have just a friend do it, however, if they didn't actually have experience in the field. My parents had a friend photograph their wedding and their pictures were all pretty terrible.

Anyways, please keep checking back for more pics and updates!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Sexy

I've taken off the bow and little gem since the picture was taken

If you're a fan of Doctor Who, you know why it is extremely appropriate for me to have the TARDIS as a part of my wedding outfit.

For the rest of you - a small explanation:

TARDIS stands for "Time and Relative Dimension in Space". It is the Doctor's Time machine, a living organism, and is bigger on the inside. This particular TARDIS is old - an antique according to the Time Lords (the race of the Doctor). However, she is also new in the way she continues to change. The interior gets updated with almost every regeneration of the Doctor, which is just a part of it.

The Doctor "borrowed" this TARDIS from the Time Lords (sometimes he will go so far as to say he "stole" it, since he now has no intention of returning it).

Not all TARDIS's are blue police boxes. Normally, there is a function called the "chameleon circuit" which allows the TARDIS to change form in order to blend in with it's surroundings. However, this circuit has been broken (or possibly disabled) by the Doctor, and while he is perfectly capable of fixing it - he prefers the big blue box. He calls her "sexy".

Without giving any spoilers, there is a wedding that occurs at some point in the shows history. At that wedding, the bride mentions that the TARDIS is "something new, something old, something borrowed, and something blue". You can easily figure out why all of that fits into one object simply by the description I just gave.

As much as I would love to have a real-sized TARDIS at my wedding, this little creation of mine will just have to do.

Now only if it came with the Doctor.... oh, hi Travis.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Bachelorette Party - A Doctor Who Murder Mystery

If you're anything like me, you will be jealous when I tell you what my Maid of Honor, Myra (and so many other people that showed up) pulled off for this shindig!

First off, I began having no idea what we were doing. It was a complete surprise. All I knew is that I was asked to begin wearing my steampunk outfit, to bring a comfy change of cloths, and to bring my PJs. Also, my Lantern (a NRETNAL my steampunk persona uses to travel through time and dimensions) and my sonic screwdriver (River Song's from Doctor Who). And to bring a snack if I wanted, but I didn't have time to make or buy anything.

I drove to pick up Alys and bring her back to my house, since she had foot surgery in August and can't walk without crutches still. Sam would be picking us up when we got back to my place.

I live in the West Side of Cincinnati. We drove to Alexandria, KY - maybe a 40 minute drive, to a winery/vineyard.

This is where the fun began!

It was a Murder Mystery party and a wine tasting party all in one! I was given a character sheet, which was, of course, my steampunk persona, Lady Eleanor Gentry Vesper, and apparently I was at my engagement party celebrating my marriage to the Doctor. As in, Doctor Who, "The Doctor". Google it. British sci-fi show that's been on since 1963 with 11 different actors playing the Doctor (10 is my fav, followed by 11 in a close second).

So we ate, then the wine tasting began. I ended up buying a bottle of "Raccoon Red", which is a sweet red wine - which I am enjoying right now as I type. It's almost gone.

Me, Taylor, and Shane (sitting down)
We began the murder mystery portion by introducing ourselves. There was a good 14 people in attendance, so there were a lot of characters to go through. Caleb and Abby had been playing up their characters of Bonnie and Clyde the entire time.

We get to the end and Myra says something like, "I think that's everyone!" Unbeknownst that I was suppose to say this (as it seemed like I was), I said, "Aren't we missing someone?"

Suddenly, Taylor stumbles out of the dining area of the cabin (thing) and falls on the ground. He ended up tearing a hole in the elbow of his shirt, and he was holding my sonic screwdriver (which I had given Myra previously). Since he fell near me, I helped him up. Shane, whose character was Jack Harkness (Doctor Who, google it), started saying things such as, "Doctor? Is that you? Is this really the Doctor?" While I was all like, "No, no, didn't you see the pictures on the table in there? This looks nothing like the Doctor."

The pictures were of Travis and I. Travis was originally suppose to be at the party and play the Doctor, but because of lack of/mis - communication he didn't ask off of work.

So I looked directly at Myra, "Seriously... you're gonna make me do this?" In a sarcastic, funny way. Thus, Taylor was my temporary fiance for the duration of the day.

Turns out a machine from Torchwood was stolen/lost in a time rift and was operated in order to kill the Doctor. However, it causes them to loose the victim's memories first, and since the Doctor isn't human, he regenerated to avoid death. So apparently either Matt Smith turns into Travis who turns into Taylor... Or Matt Smith turns into Taylor...

In any case, awkward. Funny, but awkward, haha. :)

So the "Doctor" doesn't remember who he is and we have to figure out who at the party operated the machine that caused the situation. As we are going through the first "phase", several people start asking to see my Lantern, especially Clyde - saying he wanted to see all of the pretty lights. I told him someone was holding it for me.

My friends are BAMF
At the first "event", Bonnie and Clyde attempt to kill myself and the Doctor in order to get to my Lantern. Alien "lawmen" (that the Doctor and I had fought before, alongside Bonnie and Clyde) had forced the two to steal my lantern and give it to them or else everyone would be destroyed.

The thing is, I picture the actual
people/actors in my head. And it's
I'm not use to my close friends pointing guns at me, even fake ones, haha. Especially when they are actually pretending to threaten my life. It was fun :)

In the end, Jack (Shane) stopped the two and reassured them that once we figured out how to get the Doctor's memories back, we could save the day.

I actually said to Clyde, "Have you ever seen an episode of Doctor Who?! It all gets fixed at the end of the episode!"

Sam and Jake
Jake was Detective Sloan, who was interrogating people. Him and Sam's character ended up confessing their love for each other in the second "event". Also, Myra was a Pirate Queen from Scotland who had worked with Jack as a Time Agent.

Squee and Ivis's characters were sisters with a disconnection. I missed a lot of this storyline, I think. Ivis's character hated the Doctor for taking Squee's character away, I think... but there was an excuse for it, so they made up in the end.

Sara was the future President of the World. She was just fun - there was probably more to it, because she was inquiring about my Lantern at one point, but it didn't get much further than that for me.

Alys was a friend of mine that traveled from the World of Steam with me. She was going back to take the herbs we collected and was trying to get me to go back with her.

Mallory was another friend from the world of Steam, she had left our group when she fell in love. She was also highly into explosives.

Renee was a high schooler who was on a mission to kill Myra, I think.

Several things happened either fast or at the same time, so following every detail and retaining it is a bit difficult, haha. Especially since we all had some wine in us.

Myra - Renee Standoff!
In the end, Clyde and Jack (Caleb and Shane) I think were the ones who guessed right. I didn't guess at all because I felt like I didn't know some peoples' stories.

It was Alys. The whole time. Her character was trying to get the Doctor "out of the way" because she wanted me to come back to the Steam World with her.

So that was the FIRST part of my Bachelorette party! :)

The second part I'm not going to go into too much. It was a Pure Romance party - which Shane and Taylor stuck around for, which was amusing. Normally men aren't allowed, but they're special, haha.

Not sure, but it's cool lookin'!
So that was a great time! Things happened, things were talked about, Shane got an unusual bruise on his forehead, and I got a few presents :)

After that, Mallory and I had picked out some movies out of the local Redbox. We were sad they were out of "Hocus Pocus", so we got "I love you Phillip Morris" - which was nothing like what I was expecting when I picked up a Jim Carrey movie. Then we watched "Arthur" with Russell Brand.

I then slept over and haven't gotten much sleep since. So I'm going to do that now :)