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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Overview and Video

After a long time of waiting patiently, here it is, the video for the Royal Steampunk Wedding!

Remember, this is the short version! There is also a hour+ long video that has yet to reach the point where I can upload it. It needs some tweaking first. Though, I imagine that throughout my life, as I continue to experiment with video editing and such, I will reinvent my wedding video several times.

This short version, I like. The longer version, not so much. There is a lot of video in the longer version, and finding music for it all has been a challenge.

The Sherlock Holmes movie soundtracks (I <3 Hans Zimmer) have been of much benefit.

Which, by the way, the longer version has the entire wedding ceremony included, though you can see Travis's vows in a previous post. The audio is a lot better in the new version, however.

Also, I made this for you all, I do hope it's Steampunk "enough", haha:

In the upcoming weeks I will be making individual posts with a particular topic in mind (i.e. the dress, the cake, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, etc...). Under those posts there will be a lot more pictures relative to that topic.

Please comment if you like!