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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long Time No Write

I feel like I didn't post this before, so I'm going to now -

This is me talking about the venue and the menu.

OK, I've been super busy between my summer class, work, school coming up, and all of the projects I'm involved in - so I haven't gotten around to really talking about what's going on with the wedding.

We haven't done a whole lot of the decision-making recently - we did decide that we're going to get the Bridesmaids dresses from David's Bridal - they will be a brown color, and the girls can pick out which style they like. Then we're going to go antiquing for their jewelery.

Also that our centerpieces are going to be small-ish lanterns from IKEA - probably the silver ones. I'm not entirely sure how they will be decorated thus far.

So that is all that I have on the wedding right now.


Travis finally got an outfit together, so I'm really excited about that! We got to go to another League of Cincinnati Meet-Up at Arnold's Bar and Grill downtown. It was a lot of fun, we had a really good time!

We'll be going to the picnic in Louisville in a couple of weeks as well! With even more friends! I have a few additions to my outfit, too, so I'm excited to show them off!

The next meet-up/salon is in September, where we will be talking about The Old West Festival and probably the Renaissance Festival. There are also several other events in the works, but I'm tired and will talk about them another time.