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Monday, December 6, 2010

Bridemaid's Dresses and New Outfit

The patterns for the bridemaid's dresses have been on facebook for awhile, but I've made sure I can go ahead and post them here as well.

Jacket (R), Overskirt (M) , Bustle (L)

The whole outfit is made out of brown taffeta fabric with burnt orange accents (a faux vest and pattern designs on the overskirt). The girls have all gotten custom corsets made by Stephanie and the fabric just came in this past weekend!

I'm going to make this statement. The girls in my bridal party are *cough* well-endowed in the chest area *cough*. I'm a little bit less so. That being said - there will be enough cleavage in my bridal party to compensate for my lack-of. Haha!

Now - for this WONDERFUL outfit Stephanie is making me so I can be her walking billboard at conventions and Steampunk events I go to.

This is the outfit I sketched out when she offered to make me a corset:

So, tall boots, lace stockings, mesh underskirt, skirt, bustle cage, bustle, corset (with hook clasps and shoulder straps), white collared shirt, lace gloves, gloves, hat.
All we had to do was buy the material...

Corset (R), Skirt/Bustle (M), Underskirt (L)

To say I'm super-excited is an understatement!



Ummm... pretty much everything now. I think the only thing that really needs worked on now is the Thank-You cards from the engagement party (yes, I know, I still haven't done those) and the groomsmens' outfits. Also, if we are having a line dance... yeah... that'll be worked out next year...