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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Actual Wedding Updates

Honeymoon plane tickets have been purchased. We're not allowed to know where we are actually staying, haha.


All of the groomsmen are in order (and now know that they, in fact, ARE groomsmen). We've decided that they are all (including Travis) going to be wearing black tuxedos w/ tails, top hats, and possibly some other fun stuff.

So that list of groomsmen is now: Mark (best man), Dan, Vincent (my brother), and Shane.

The list of bridesmaids are: Myra (maid of honor), Alys, Sam, and Mallory.

What is funny about this... Sam and Vincent will be walking together. What is funny about that is.... the first time Sam ever came over to visit, Vincent hit her car, haha. It's just too funny, they think it's funny too.


Travis moved into the apartment about two weeks ago. I've started moving some of my unnecessary furniture, like my bookcase (w/ books) and DVD case (w/ DVDs). I also have a shelf unit and I think I'm also going to attempt to take over my vanity/dresser. I currently don't keep any cloths in it. There are 6 drawers and 3 of them are empty. The other 3 have random costuming, make-up, and accessories. I'll go through that and probably throw away most of it.


Right now I'm working on putting together a list of songs for the cocktail hour/reception. I'm also going to be working on remixing a file of Lord of the Rings music for when bridal party and myself are walking down the aisle.

Also, the invitations and website are on my list of things to-do. Travis and I are starting to plan for going around and registering at places. At least Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video log update for your enjoyment

Sooo... if you watch that, God bless you.

As it's 5am when I'm posting this.... I'm going to attempt a 3 hour nap. This is a bad idea. I know it's a bad idea.

Here I go...