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Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to our new apartment...

... hope you feel welcomed :)

Pictures when Travis moves in April 1 & 2.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on Flowers/Colors

burgundy roses
I don't have much to talk about currently - as I said before, we're mostly just paying for things right now. A few check-in's here-and-there, but everything is on the roll for the most part.

This entry is covered in pictures of flowers. I'm not going to say much about them, as they are just google images I found. My mother gave me a copy of the contract with our florist (Kevin Ford at Ford-Ellington Floral and Event Design, Ltd.) too look over, and I'm so excited about everything I'm reading!

So I went and google-searched images of some of the flowers, colors, and whatnot that it sounds like he's talking about in the contract. So I'm not saying that anything here is exactly what will be at the wedding, but I like what I'm seeing! The colors are phenomenal and I can already smell how pretty the entire venue is going to be! To say the least, I'm super-excited!


We also have been looking into getting an ice sculpture, a luge to be specific. I mentioned a watermill before I realized that a luge is different from a fountain, haha. I've never experienced an ice sculpture luge so I didn't realize it involves a person pouring a drink into the top, the beverage running through, then being poured into a glass at the bottom.

Brown Roses
In my head, if I haven't already described it, the watermill would sit in a "lake" of the beverage, which would siphon through a pipe of some sort. This pipe (of some sort) would loop over top the mill, pouring the beverage over it and causing it to turn. Repeat process. Then guests would full their cup by holding it under the falling beverage.

The style of my bouquet
It's the most extravagant, insane idea I could think of when my mom asked me what I wanted the ice sculpture to be.

As it so happens, my mother talked to the ice sculpture people (I'll get you that link when she tells me who the company is) and they're capable of doing a watermill luge - the mill wouldn't move, because with a luge - it would involve a motor and that's just... unnecessary. Then the beverage would pour out... somewhere. Not sure, I was just told about it this morning.

Anyways, I'll give you more updates on that as they come along. Needless to say, I don't know if I'll stick to the watermill idea, since I feel like I was mostly joking to begin with. It could be a gear, since it already resembles one, as my mother pointed out. She's totally fine with keeping it as a watermill.

Willow Eucalyptus
Orange Lilies
I'll consult Travis, but I doubt he'll have any opinion besides, "Whatever makes you happy, dear." Which is every girls' dream... but mine.


Okay so maybe that was more updates then I thought originally, but these are things I just talked about with my mother this morning.


Oh, and we're thinking about doing something like this:

Not the boat or... anything in that picture really... besides the mustaches on a stick. They would be "favors" for everyone... something fun to give guests something to help them feel like they "fit in" with the decor.


Speaking of which, I'm going to be working non-stop for the next week and a half on getting my new portfolio site up, which will also involve a page (or two, or... five...) about the wedding. I'll post links in this blog, of course, back and fourth. The website will have a video of Travis and I that I've been trying to work on for forever, a description of Steampunk page (full of links and pictures), a page on how to prepare for the wedding (dress code, etc...), registry, countdown, RSVP area, etc... I'm excited about how it will turn out!


Hope you've enjoyed this week's update, haha!