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Friday, July 22, 2011

July Updates

There hasn't been any big news for awhile now, but a few things happened today that I am allowed to share!

First off, we are doing a sand ceremony in the wedding - this is much like the unity candle ceremony, but instead of lighting candles, the bride and groom pour vials of sand into a central container. In our case, we have an hourglass, which we just purchased from T & K Young.

Why an hourglass? Well, first - I have a thing for them. Something about the elegance, history, aesthetics, sound of sand falling - not to mention the more nerdy aspects (i.e. "time in a bottle", time travel, the Time Tuner from Harry Potter, etc...).  In a more romanic sense, it symbolizes that we are combining our God-given time here on Earth because we feel He has brought us together to further His Kingdom as a couple.

We are capable of getting both ends engraved. We are suspecting that we might engrave one side with our names and the wedding date and the other end with Jeremiah 29:11, which has been my favorite Bible verse for the majority of my life.

"For I know the Plans I have for you," Declares the Lord,
"Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
Plans to give you hope and a future."

It was that verse that really spoke to me in the times when I was lowest. More relevantly, the times when I thought I would spend the rest of my life by myself. Wondering why I felt so unloveable, ugly, different, and unwanted. Now it reminds me that God comes through, and while I felt that way about myself, it wasn't true at all. It will stand to support us as a family, as we fully understand that the rest of our lives won't be gumdrops, rainbows, and unicorns.

The other thing is that I bought my shoes, but that's really not too big of a deal. I mean, "Wow, I have something to wear on my feet, everyone!" Bought from Bethany's Pageant/Tux/Dance Wear.

I have the sketches of my dress and the bridesmaids dresses in my possession along with a couple of swatches of the fabric/colors. However, that is something for me to know and the majority of you to find out when you see the pictures, haha.

I need to update the wedding site a bit, since I realized that I don't have a link to this blog at all. We will also be updating it with directions. Those will also be available in the invitations - which I will upload pictures of those when they are done.

My mother is in Florida right now with a friend who is sick, so we will be finishing the invitations when she gets back.

We visited the Photographer, Jen at Essenza, again the other week, which was lovely since I hadn't seen her since the beginning of this journey. I feel like she is just as excited about the wedding as I am, haha!

Speaking of which, publicity. Jen has said that she will already be blogging and sending pictures to magazines from the wedding. My steamstress, Stephanie at Vintage Modiste, has informed me that the curator of the Bridal Dress Expo at the Cincinnati Art Museum is sad she couldn't have my dress for the event (which Travis and I went to see, it was absolutely lovely and I would have been honoured to let my dress be apart of it!). My mother said she will be calling local news stations, and apparently a lady in Pennsylvania is working on getting it national attention(?). There was something else, too, I think... but I don't know. It's just kind of crazy, and I'm really honoured that so many people are interested in my wedding.

I owe a lot of the thanks to my mother, who has given me so much. This wedding really is as much for her as it is me, but I still feel that she has kept it 'my day'. Thanks, mom, you're really the best!

Only 3 months to go. For over a year now people have been telling me "it will be here before ya know it" to the point where I want to take that sentence away from humans. Maybe rocks will start saying it to me then. Creepy. Anyways, they are right. It still seems so far away... like I totally have time to lose 50lbs, haha. 

I wonder if this blog will skyrocket in views after the wedding? That will be interesting.

I should make a legitimate vlog soon... not one of those 3am things that I seem to keep doing where I look like I've just rolled out of bed, haha.

Also, Travis has been making some awesome chainmail stuff lately! Be looking for a link to wear you can buy it!