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Monday, May 23, 2011

Where it Gets Real

I won't deny that it still sometimes seems surreal that I'm getting married. Two and a half years seems like such a short time to really get to know anyone, let alone fall in love. But it's true. When I get "cold feet" about it, I ask myself why... and the only reason I can think of is "it's such a big step, and one I hardly thought I'd ever take" considering I spent a good amount of my childhood and teenage years trying to accept the fact that I'm fat and unlovable by anyone but family. However, that is, without a doubt, the dumbest reason to second-guess myself, or Travis for that matter - this is his decision too.

The wedding gets more real as I see it coming together - when I can see actual, physical pieces that will be in the wedding. These pieces are usually small and have been spread out - but I get the feeling things are going to be falling into place a lot faster this summer.

For example:

This may be the only picture of the table that I will upload until after the wedding. I don't want to give too much away ;-)

That's right, this is what will be the cake table. The one that has a series of gears beneath a glass top that are rotated by what seems like a miniature steam engine - and in turn those gears are rotating platforms that the cake will be on.

This was one of the first ideas I came up with when Travis first mentioned having a Steampunk wedding. This was way before he ever proposed, so it was great that we already knew what we were doing when he finally did! But given that this idea has been around since the beginning, it's really close to my heart, and I'm so grateful to the builder for allowing me to have such a great piece at my wedding, and for the rest of my life!

That's right! After the wedding, this will turn into the coolest coffee table you will ever see!

Travis and I completed registering at Bed, Bath, and Beyond yesterday! Our registry number is 12258187, or you can just search the registries for "Brittany Klopfstein".

We've also "registered" at - it's a wishlist and you can find it here.

I'll be getting the website done this week - you can see it so far here. It's really, really, not finished yet, haha.

Mom and I also went to see the florist the other week. I was going to see if I could get a mock set-up of what the finished product might look like at the wedding so I could show you all, but I get scolded a bit for trying to ruin the surprise, haha. So sorry! There will be TONS of pictures after the wedding! You just have to wait till Novemberish!