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Friday, November 11, 2011

Doctor Who Wedding Vows

This is purely a teaser/spoiler for the rest of the media that will come forth in the next few weeks (hopefully).

Travis's vows:


Hello my Love!
He who takes a companion takes the Universe.
Well good news, cause guess what!

Except look at you,
standing there in that dress,
It's really very distracting.
Could you please stand still for a minute because

Now the question of the hour is, 'Who takes this woman'?
Answer: I do.
Next question: Why do I choose her?
Well look at her!
Beautiful smile, very smart, brilliant personality...
Oh and something else she has
my all.

So if life comes along
with it's silly little hardships
and it's silly little problems,
and it has plans to get in our way -
I vow this day to stand with you always.

I vow to remember every
white day God will give us.

And then
Aaand THEN

I will do the smart thing -
I will choose you first.

Original speech from Doctor Who (contains spoilers for the series):

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why no pictures, Mrs. King?

So we throw this awesome steampunk wedding in Cincinnati, OH and then refuse the share pictures? How cruel!

And how not true!

You see, I want to wait to receive the images from the photographers. It may take a couple of months, actually, since there were three of them taking pictures the entire night.

I just received the video, which I'm going to possibly being editing soon. However, this also will not be shown until the pictures are ready.

Once I get these images, I will choose several of my upmost favorites. Those will be in a post, along with the edited video.

I've chosen this process for a couple reasons:

1. While there are pictures of the wedding already that I've retrieved from Facebook, I want your first impression to be perfect. There are a few great ones via Facebook, but a professional camera still captures the magics more than a cell phone :)

2. I'm not going to show the video until you have gotten a chance to really see my dress. I only have a few images from FB that showcase my dress at all, and you will want to see details. Trust me on this one!

After the initial post, I will be updating with several posts that focus on a single topic (i.e. the dress, the flowers, the cake, etc...)

Depending on how the video turns out, I may also upload bits and pieces that were edited out of the main video.

However, in a few minutes I will be uploading a video to youtube of Travis preforming his vows. You will get a glimpse of my dress from the back. I will update with a post (probably tomorrow) describing why his vows are so special that I would bother uploading them before the "big reveal".

For now, I'm not giving a link. You'll have to search for it in a half hour or so. ;-)

EDIT: ok, make that video a "tomorrow-night" thing completely. I want to import the file as best quality as I can, and that is taking awhile. So! Bedtime for me! ^_^;